Monthly Archives: January 2013

Resolutions welcome


After an age and a half, a very prim and proper, dare I say sober Very Vodka returns to dish out free (no strings attached, no hidden costs) advice for the new year: 2013. As always, you’ll hear of lists of slightly ridiculous and unrealistic hopes and desires. These never-to-be-realised-dreams have been a part of every January of every year since before that little flaming rock laid waste to the dinosaurs. That’s right: resolutions. Just the word brings shivers to the spine that have nothing to do with lack of alcohol. So where is this post leading? To a little dollop of advice that reads as follows: Resolutions may seem foolish but darn it all there must be a reason people cannot stop making them! As silly, pointless or downright idiotic as they might be, they exist. Make them, fulfil them, break them… Do as you please. Live, live and live some more.